Are you a craftsman looking for a skilled trade job in Sri Lanka?

As the country’s economy is performing well, skilled craftsmen are in high demand in every area of the economy. The construction industry has been on the rise over the past few years, partly thanks to tourism, and promoters are recruiting more and more painters, masons, electricians and plumbers, among others. As well as that, manufacturing is also in strong need of skilled machinists and craftsmen for different critical components. Finally, as consumption in the country is also booming, there will be a huge increase in the opportunities for bakers, hairdressers and other service providers. The strong economic growth is creating opportunities every day for skilled tradesmen in Sri Lanka.

Not only are craftsmen in high demand, they will also likely see the working conditions and salaries improve drastically. Finally, there will always be a need for skilled experts with unique skills and knowledge. Therefore, skilled trade job opportunities promise to look good for a long time.

What kind of skilled trade jobs can you find in Sri Lanka?

There are a number of skilled trade vacancies in every sector in Sri Lanka, however some industries seem to be growing faster than others. As mentioned, the construction industry is growing rapidly. Therefore, if your skillset matches that industry, you will find a number of skilled trade vacancies, especially in major cities like Colombo.

If your trade fits more the manufacturing industry, you will still find a number of opportunities. A number of multinationals are trying to enter the market and need local skilled craftsmen to operate their machines or provide specific components. Woodworkers for instance will find numerous job vacancies in Sri Lanka. The automotive industry is also growing rapidly as demand is growing in the region. As a result, mechanics are going to be in high demand in coming years.

Finally, if you are working in the service industry, as a baker or hairdresser for example, you will find a number of opportunities in big cities. As the economy is growing, so is consumption. Moreover, the tourism industry is boosting the demand in services. As a result, service providers are going to benefit from great opportunities in coming years.

How can I become a skilled tradesman?

Skilled craftsmen need to learn very specific skills and get some knowledge about their trade. It takes years of experience and practice, but is probably among the most rewarding jobs out there. You can find a number of training opportunities in every major city in Sri Lanka, depending on what kind of trade you want to specialise in. After two to three years of initial training, you will usually have to become an apprentice and practice for some years before you can be considered an expert in your field. If you don’t want to go through that initial training, maybe you can find a craftsman patient enough to take you as an apprentice directly and show you some of the traditional ways of doing things. If everything works out, you can take on an apprentice after 10 to 15 years to help you. In the current economic environment, no matter your trade, future development prospects are looking particularly good.

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