Science and Technology jobs in Sri Lanka

Since the technological revolution, innovation has grown at an astounding rate in the modern world, creating developments previously unimaginable. This has led to a vast increase in the provision of science and technology vacancies. Development within the category happens at lightening pace, especially within the IT sector where computing power has been raised to astonishing levels. Breakthroughs in science have brought about cures for diseases and helped to improve the lives of millions of people around the world. As science and technology careers have become synonymous with innovation and development, jobs in this category are projected to continue growing far into the future, which in turn makes it a reliable segment of the market to work in.

What kind of science and technology careers are possible?

This growth has been seen across the globe and has galvanized the job market in Sri Lanka where the economy has continued to grow strongly over the last five years, with infrastructure development and industry leading the way. Both of these areas offer strong sci tech job opportunities, whether it be for network technicians in the booming telecommunications sector (the establishment and expansion of 4G radio networks in particular), or research assistants and analysts in product development, manufacturing, and quality control. Working with the latest technology can be extremely exciting. Candidates for science and technology jobs in Sri Lanka with a scientist background are in demand, as are applicants with experience as a physician.

What do I need to work in the science and technology sector?

The necessary qualifications will of course vary depending on the position sought. At a minimum, employers will expect at least one A-Level or equivalent in a science subject for a lower tier position, while a graduate level education will be necessary for jobs with more responsibility. Scientific studies typically take place in Physics, Chemistry or Biology, or all of these together. Possession of any relevant industry qualifications will always be a bonus, although the value of such qualifications will naturally depend on the precise nature of the job applied for. Experience in a related field is always a plus and widens the range of science and technology opportunities available, a good standard of computer literacy is also vital. Although knowledge of the local languages would be helpful, English is widely understood and is the common language of business, so fluency in English is more or less essential. When it comes to science and technology jobs, salary is usually negotiable depending on experience, qualifications and the level of the position.

For technology jobs, studies in computer science, computer engineering and software may be more appropriate. However, as in the case of science jobs, the exact field of study desired will depend on the job role.

If you want to take advantage of the science and technology vacancies available in Sri Lanka, apply now to find the ideal position to take your career to the next level. Working in this category allows you to be part of the most dynamic job category in the world.