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As Sri Lanka is developing really fast, people are becoming increasingly mobile and the airline and aviation industry is making the most of that trend. Therefore, there is a strong need for qualified flight attendants in Sri Lanka to staff the new air routes. As airlines are on the rise, so is every profession involved.

Flight attendant: What’s involved?

The essential task of flight attendants is to ensure passengers’ safety and security. They are also traditionally tasked with making the flight as comfortable and enjoyable as possible for passengers. Also, they are increasingly becoming salespeople for extra services some airlines offer on board, such as food and drinks, duty-free cosmetics and others. The cabin crew is also responsible for keeping the cabin clean in most airlines, and ensuring an adequate supply of food and drinks for each flight.

Career development is based mostly on seniority. When starting fresh out of the academy or initial training, flight attendants are usually on reserve status for at least a year, before they can choose flight schedules they want to attend. The more senior you are, the more choice you’ll have usually. If you prove you have good organization and communication skills, you might be promoted to management positions, on the ground, for recruiting, training, and scheduling, or in the air as a Purser.

A lot of flight attendants choose to work part-time because they sometimes have to leave home for several days when they’re staffed on long haul flights and because the schedules are often changing. Wages in the profession are designed to compensate for this flexibility requirement.

What are the main responsibilities and tasks of a flight attendant?

The main task of a flight attendant is to ensure the safety of passengers and help in the event of an emergency. However, there are a number of secondary tasks that they have to complete on a daily basis. Here are some we gathered for you to get a sense of what the job really is:

  • Ensure a steady and adequate supply of food and drinks on the plane for each flight. This is especially important on long haul flights.
  • Accommodate passengers as best as possible to make their flight as comfortable and enjoyable as can be. Keep the cabin clean and distribute or sell food and drinks to passengers.
  • Instruct passengers as to how to react in case of an emergency. Check-in regularly with the pilot and co-pilot and help with cancellation and rebooking management when flights are cancelled.

What do I need to become a flight attendant?

Attendants receive training from their employer and must be certified by the competent authorities. A high school diploma is therefore all you need as educational background to land a job. However, it will be easier to get the job if you have a degree or working experience in the hospitality industry or in customer care.

As for the skills needed, you will have to be attentive to customer needs and communicative. Being a good organizer would also go a long way for all tasks related to operations. Finally, you’re going to need to be very flexible to cope with all the nights away from home and the changing flight schedules. The upside is you’ll get to travel around the world for free. Some airlines also require flight attendants to be a certain height.

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