Are you interested in an English teacher job in Sri Lanka?

Importance of an English teacher job

Our connections are now local, national and global. All of this has been made possible with the help of technology. Humankind has been able to redefine the boundaries of interaction. This has now made it important for us all to be able to converse and communicate with people from different cultures, nationalities, origins and languages.

Sri Lanka is no exception to globalization. With the country’s booming economy of the country a lot of multinationals are looking to do business there. Which means the locals  will be expected to interact with people from different nationalities from around the world in English. But if you’re looking to grab the best jobs, you need to be proficient in the international business language. As we know English is the most widely spoken language. A strong command over it is going to help an individual land a job.

All of this has led to a high demand for English teachers in the country. Not only in high schools but in companies too. Managers are getting their employees trained in English, so that their international clients can be catered to better. English is already taught in schools but as the economy is booming, there are new schools coming up, generating more demand for English teacher jobs in Sri Lanka.

Typical work activities

As an English teacher you would be required to deliver lessons to a group of students. Enable collaboration and collective learning in the classroom. We recommend use of audiovisual aids as they are useful in modern day courses . The content of lessons would vary depending on the type of English course you run. Either you would be teaching business English to organizations, or teach communication skills as a freelance contractor to various organization, you could also teach English in at a high school. The final aim of each lesson would remain the same which is to encourage collaborative learning and communication with each other.

Typical duties

  • Organizing and delivering lectures

  • Evaluating work of pupils

  • Maintaining discipline

  • Forming and conducting tests

  • Creating a vibrant atmosphere


Most employers require a relevant post graduate degree but some employers might require you to hold a high level degree in English. Past experience is always beneficial for a teaching job but depending on the employer, people with no experience can also get the job. Good oral skills are a must, though if that is a point where you lack, we highly recommend you check our other jobs in the writing and editing category on Everjobs. In some jobs a teaching certificate might be required. Certificates are normally provided by the teacher’s association but you might need to check with your employer what kind of certificate they are looking for.

Always remember the employer is looking for a person who is comfortable and confident in speaking in front of large groups. Remember to showcase that when your interview is going on.

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