Are you looking for architect vacancies in Sri Lanka?

While the economy is on the rise, the construction industry has never seen brighter days in Sri Lanka, and qualified architects are in high demand to see construction projects through. You can choose to start a career as a freelancer, working closely on small projects with the client and the different contractors, or to go for a more corporate career, working in a major practice on specific parts of a bigger project, managed by a project or account manager.

Although architects can work as part of a bigger practice, they are usually responsible for the whole construction or renovation project and have to coordinate the work of different contractors and check on progress and costs regularly, by going on site visits or meeting with the essential stakeholders on a regular basis. They also work with engineers to ensure a building’s designs are safe during bad weather or an earthquake. They would normally simulate these scenarios on computers to test the design. Because the safety of everyone in the building is at stake, architects also have to check regularly that contractors are actually following their plans and not taking shortcuts.

Architecture is therefore a very interesting mix of creativity, engineering, and project management, and salaries tend to be attractive. As is often the case with creative jobs, talent and reputation are what define your salary and the kind of job you get, but the technical skills and the strong need for qualified architectural engineers will ensure a good salary and interesting career prospects for any competent architect. The best way to ensure strong career progress is to be extremely attentive to your clients’ needs and show exceptional communication skills, especially at the beginning of your career – this will help you get good recommendations from clients and contractors.

If you choose to freelance, your income will obviously be based on the contracts you land and your ability to find clients, and can therefore vary a lot from one month to the next. If you want to land an architect job for a construction company, you can expect higher salaries than average, although the hierarchy is quite fixed. It might take you some time before you land a project manager job, with a much more attractive remuneration package.

What kind of tasks are involved?

Architecture is a mixture of technical and scientific tasks, creative tasks, and project management tasks. That last point is especially important if you are freelancing. An architect usually goes through the following tasks during a construction or renovation project:

  • Meet with the client to assess his/her needs and wants, and submit design proposals.
  • Draw the plans of the building using Computer-Aided-Design (CAD), optimise its construction cost and make sure it is safe by testing it through computer simulation software
  • Follow through on the project by going on-site to visit the contractors and meeting regularly with clients. Architects sometimes have to change the design halfway through the construction to meet cost requirements or deadlines. The job requires a lot of flexibility on that front.
  • They also design the surrounding landscape and spaces of buildings

There is no typical day for an architect. Even working for a big corporation, they are quite free to set their daily plannings as they wish, as long as they meet deadlines and stay within their budget. A big part of the job is about maintaining good working relationships with clients, contractors, and other project stakeholders to ensure the construction runs smoothly.

What are the requirements to land the job

It usually takes five to seven years of education, training, and experience to qualify as an architect. Most employers would expect a Bachelor’s degree in construction engineering, and big corporations usually only consider applicants holding a Master’s degree for any architect jobs. After completing your degree, you would have to get some hands on experience, working as an apprentice for freelancer, or taking on an internship in a big architecture corporation. If you want to build a network of clients and contractors, the best way is to start working for an architect who already has made a name in the industry. That way, if you decide to set up your own architecture practice after a few years, they can recommend you to potential clients and help you make a name for yourself.

In order to be a great architect, you should have strong analytical and mathematical skills and be able to work in three dimensions. Strong drawing skills and creative talent will also go a long way to advance you in your career and build up your reputation. Finally, you should have excellent time management skills and be able to work on many different tasks at the same time. Construction and renovation projects typically involve a great number of different stakeholders, and one of your key roles as an architect is to ensure smooth communication between everyone to meet the deadline and budget. Communication skills will also be a strong asset in the profession.

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