Looking for a Job related to Manufacturing in Sri Lanka?

Manufacturing is the production of goods for using in local or exporting to other countries. Manufacturing is going be to a main business in Sri Lanka soon because the wealthy natural resources and low production costs are attracting foreign manufacturers to Sri Lanka that has been loosened from economic sanctions. There are many kinds of manufacturing, like automobile manufacturing, clothes manufacturing, food manufacturing, etc.

What type of jobs can you do in the Manufacturing Industry in Sri Lanka?

Depending on the types of manufacturing industry, the responsibilities and type of jobs vary:

Manufacturing Engineering:

Engineers are increasingly important in the Manufacturing Industry because of the automation of this activity. It required skilled people to set up safe and efficient processes.

Manufacturing Technicians:

Technicians organize the work flow and oversee the installation of the machines and the factory. The also repair the machines when needed.

Production workers and machine operators:

They are the most numerous part of the employment in the Manufacturing Sector. They run the machine, produce, cut, assemble, test… For safety at work, manufacturing workers needs to be detail-oriented and follow industries’ safety rules exactly and sometimes wear protective goggles and boiler suits for safety.A good hand-eye coordination is also essential.


Jobs such as Human Resources, Marketing, Sales and Management are also numerous in this very specific industry.
Note that to perform very well in a manufacturing industry, production workers, as well as the engineers and technicians, need to have good knowledge about machine and computers because most manufacturing industries are using robotic systems these days.

Which qualifications are necessary?

Most production jobs require little formal education or training; many can be learned in a few days. Skills such as focus, good hand-eye coordination and dexterity are very important.

To become an Engineer or Technician, a bachelor degree, master’s degree, relevant diploma or certificate for a particular industry is necessary. You need to be specialised in one industry (automotive, food, aerospace…) and not only have the right diploma but also show the right skills: you need to be passionate, with mathematical skills, logic and analytical thinking.

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