Looking for Computer / IT jobs in Sri Lanka?

Information Technology is the usage of computers and telecommunications equipments and gadgets to communicate, store, transmit, calculate, and do most of the other daily things. IT and computer has become a necessary term for not only personal purpose but also business purposes. Most of the businesses nowadays have to do with computers and IT equipments somehow. IT technicians are now a big part of any business in Sri Lanka which is a developing country. The IT field has a lot of different specializations, e.g. Graphic Design, Networking, Programming, Web Design, etc.

IT Careers: what does an IT do?

The range of jobs is wide in IT, going from Administrator, Analyst, Developer to Manager. Here are a few examples:

  • IT Technician:

    IT technicians must possess strong skills about how computers are built and how they work because their job is to repair them.

  • IT Administrator or IT Support:

    They install, maintain and also repair computers. They also install software and are here to help the employees with any computer issue they might have.

  • Web Developer:

    They develop websites. They create, maintain and improve the website of the company, whether it is only changing banners, colours and categories or completely change the user experience.

  • CTO or Manager:

    The Chief Technical Officer or the Manager is here to run the IT team, with all its variety, organize timetable, prioritize tasks, train and report to the Directors.

Which skills and studies do you need to be a good IT in Sri Lanka?

As there are many specializations in IT field, qualification requirements for IT jobs are different.

High ranks for IT Technicians and Administrators in some companies require at least a bachelor degree in IT field plus previous work experiences. Certifications in various areas of computer are useful for fresh graduates to get a job quickly in IT industries.

For a Web Developer position, you will need a specific diploma in this field.

Finally, to get a CTO or Manager position, you will need either a long work experience in the field as well as a Master or Bachelor Degree in the IT sector.

Concerning personal skills, a good IT or computer specialist should have good communication skills, problem solving skills and logic.

So, if you have IT certificates and you are interested in computers, you can search many job opportunities on our website. Choose one that is suitable for you and apply.