Careers in Advertising and Public Relations in Sri Lanka

With the business and the industrial growth that Sri Lanka has been witnessing, there has been a growing demand for advertising and public relations activities. As a result, jobs in advertising and vacancies in Public Relations are on the rise. The internet and information technologies have made communication crucial for any company looking to increase its revenues or enter a new market.

Jobs in Advertising and Public Relations in Sri Lanka are different but both aim at promoting and spreading goodwill and awareness about products and services of an organization. All around Sri Lanka one can observe lots of advertising activities from giant billboards to television commercials. Roles in advertising vary from creative designers to managerial roles such as campaign managers and client portfolio managers. The role of a PR manager, for instance, is to maintain the reputation of the firm, because bad publicity is bad publicity. A PR officer’s major role comes when there are official communications from the company.

You can choose to work for an Advertising or Public relations agency (much like Don Draper in Mad Men) if you want to work on many different campaigns. The alternative is to work within a company’s Public Relations or Marketing department to build a brand and corporate culture.

What kind of jobs can you find in the industry?

Entry level requirements may vary across the wide spectrum of roles the industry offers. You can find creative positions such as copywriter or graphic designer, responsible for the content and visual identity displayed in a given campaign. At the entry level in the creative department, new employees may be required to take part in the development of a specific display: poster, tv or radio advertisement, or other brand content. You can also find managerial jobs in the industry. With sufficient Marketing background, you can become account executive: responsible for your portfolio of key accounts, you would be the “liaison” between the client’s needs (boost sales) and your creative teams. A PR officer at the entry level may be expected to write initial drafts for press releases or develop other relevant contents for such purposes. For PR roles, graduates may be expected to have extra qualifications in media and communications.

What are the main requirements to enter the industry?

Sri Lanka has a lot of vacancies in advertising and jobs in Public Relations to offer. There is no standard application process for an entry into the industry. Advertising and PR firms come up with job openings on a very regular basis. The job openings mostly vary across different roles. More established firms have structured schemes of intake, while small firms may adopt a more informal approach.

There is no clear academic requirement to enter the industry, although if you’re applying for a managerial role, recruiters would probably expect you to to hold a bachelor’s degree, and two to three years of working experience in Marketing or Sales. For a creative role, you will need to be able to prove your creative talent, meaning that professional experience and solid recommendations will go a long way in landing the job.

If you want to land a job in an advertising agency, you’re going to have to show excellent communication skills and deeply client-oriented thinking. Agencies are heavily dependent on a few key accounts, and they can’t afford to recruit someone who might cost them one of those accounts. Moreover, teamwork is an essential part of marketing and PR work, and you will therefore have to be a great team player.

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