Looking for a job in Kandy


Kandy – employment trends

As the second largest city in Sri Lanka, Kandy offers a huge amount of job opportunities for job seekers and school leavers and as a result attracts many of the country’s best and brightest. With a lively mix of manufacturing, IT and retail, Kandy offers job opportunities in a variety of industries. Textile is one of the major industries in the city, which means there will be plenty of job vacancies in factory management, logistics and general factory work. If you specialise in this industry it would be a good idea to move to Kandy as this the textile industry is expanding. The city is also renowned for the large amounts of furniture it produces, if you’re a skilled carpenter or designer, you’ll find plenty of opportunity in Kandy. The city is not only limited to industry and manufacturing, there is also a burgeoning retail sector, and thanks to its listing as a UNESCO World Heritage Site the tourism industry has seen a dramatic upswing in recent times. Some major companies with branches in Kandy include Bluesteps or Medigain. Kandy also offers jobs seekers research positions in agriculture, which is one of the largest sectors in the city.

Kandy – city overview

The city is situated in the Central Province of Sri Lanka and has become a major transportation hub as it is directly accessible by rail from the main city, Colombo. Kandy was the last capital of the ancient kings of Sri Lanka. As the ancient capital, Kandy had become the home to the relic of the tooth of the buddha, which was closely linked to the Sinhalese monarchy. As a result of this close relationship, the Royal Palace and Temple of the Tooth are located within close proximity to each other. There are plans to construct an airport in the Kundasale area of Kandy, which will have a direct link to the international airport in Colombo. A completed airport will position Kandy as the hotspot for job vacancies in Sri Lanka. All of these excellent infrastructure programs and local economic development explain why the city is one of the first locations people choose when looking for a job in Sri Lanka. Kandy is also accessible by major highways from all directions.

Living in Kandy is less expensive than the capital, but that being said it’s still useful to know what expenses you should expect to come across living there. If you want to rent a one bedroom apartment in the city centre, the average monthly rent is 15,000.00 Rupees. Whereas a the average cost of a one bedroom apartment outside the city centre will usually cost 6,000.00 Rupees. Which is a significant saving, especially if you don’t mind travelling. Some of the other expenses that are handy to know are food and general bills, which are listed below:

  • A meal at an inexpensive restaurant: 25.00 Rs
  • Monthly rail pass – 600.00 Rs
  • Basic Utilities – 3,750.00 Rs

Considering the average monthly salary (after tax) is 25,000.00 Rs, it might be worthwhile looking for a place to live outside the city centre. On the plus side, Kandy is home to some of the oldest and top schools, as well as the country’s oldest university, University of Peradeniya. Kandy is home to over 50 hospitals, which are a mix of private and public institutions. Thanks to Sri Lanka’s universal health care, the nation has a higher than average life expectancy and Kandy is no exception.

Kandy job opportunities

You can find a job in almost any field in Kandy since large firms as well as smaller companies need professionals with various qualifications. Engineers, medical professionals, sales and marketing executives should have little trouble getting interviews in one of the many companies operating in Kandy. We mentioned some of the main industries above that are booming in Kandy. This means there will be a lot of jobs available in the tourism industry, including: hotel manager, housekeeping, cost controller, cashier and many more. Job opportunities are not limited to tourism, you’ll also find plenty of options for human resources, including: HR manager, senior HR executive, recruitment executive and loads more.

Considering your next big move in Sri Lanka, but aren’t sure where it should be? Perhaps you should think about Kandy, especially if you’re a skilled tradesman or have experience in the hospitality industry. The city has a lot to offer, with plenty of job vacancies in a variety of fields and specialties. You might find your next job opportunity waiting for you in Kandy. So don’t delay, register with Everjobs.lk to find the best jobs from the top employers.