Job Vacancies in Batticaloa

Over the last few years Sri Lanka has become one of South Asia’s success stories. The International Monetary Fund ranked Sri Lanka second in terms of per capita income in the region. As a result the economy is experiencing a boom. The tourism industry has seen a significant upswing in terms of job opportunities and the number of visitors to the island nation. In particular the coastal city Batticaloa is witnessing the benefits of the tourism success. If you’re looking for a job in a coastal town with the water at your door-step, maybe it’s time to consider Batticaloa. With a large number of job vacancies in a full time job or part time job, this city will have something for you.

What are the hot industries in Batticaloa?

As mentioned above tourism is the hot industry in Batticaloa at the moment. With its exquisite scenery and wonderful culture, the city is fast becoming one of Sri Lanka’s top tourist destinations. This means that the number of job offers available to people working in tourism will be vast. It isn’t just the tourism industry that is prospering, coconuts and rice are two staple goods from the region. Which means the agriculture and logistics management professions will be in high demand. In order to meet the rise in visitors to the region, the hospitality sector will see an inevitable boost in the number of jobs available in Batticaloa.

What type of jobs are in demand in Batticaloa?

With tourism and hospitality the main buzz industries of this city, it’s to be expected that most of the current jobs in demand there are associated with these industries. There are plenty of job offers for: travel executive, front office supervisor, housekeeping and plenty more. The job vacancies aren’t only limited to tourism, there are plenty of opportunities on offer in hospitality: sous chef, executive chef, bartenders, kitchen steward and loads more. Whatever your preferences and skills, you’ll be sure to find something in Batticaloa. Remember if you find something perfect for you, don’t delay apply online today.