Freelance academic writer

  • 100,000 - 199,999 Rs
  • Part time, Other
  • Writing / Editing
  • Colombo
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Freelance Academic Writer

  • 50,000 - 99,999 Rs
  • Not provided
  • Education / Training
  • Fiji
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About us

The main benefit of working at UvoCorp agency is that you can work remotely, and experience complete freedom, while concentrating on your other projects when necessary. You can manage your personal time exactly the way you like it. You receive orders in advance, and plan your time ahead, around your main job or personal life. This means freedom and responsibility.

What we look for

We are hiring freelance academic writers (part time work-from-home job - academic sample essay and research paper writing). Paying $5-26 per page written. Experienced writers are able to work full-time. Requirements:


1. Excellent written English


2. Strong research skills


3. Ability to learn American standard citation styles (APA, MLA)


Please apply at [email protected] , and you will  receive a task for a written sample on a general topic.


You are required to write essays, reports, literature reviews, and speeches, and conduct research, in different disciplines. For each assignment, you must note specific requirements that must be followed.

Payment per order depends on number of pages, deadline and academic level.

Quick facts



United Kingdom
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