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Nations Trust Bank is one of the fastest growing banks in Sri Lanka today. Our portfolio of financial products and services caters to the varying requirements of individual, corporate and institutional clients. As a young and dynamic bank, Nations Trust Bank has immediate appeal for young and sophisticated professionals looking for a bank they can identify with.
We have over 90 branches, 124 ATMs, 49 leasing centres, internet banking, sms banking and mobile banking facilities. As a truly customer-centric financial institution, Nations Trust Bank provides tailored service for contemporary lifestyles. Our branches are open for extended hours, unlike most other banks in the Sri Lanka which keep to traditional banking hours.
We offer a wide range of great value financial products, from tailor-made Treasury products to retail products, from leasing to American Express credit cards. These have ensured the rapid growth of Nations Trust Bank while maintaining market stability.

More about Nations Trust Bank

Ever considered working for one of Sri Lanka’s most prestigious banks?

Nations Trust Bank careers in Sri Lanka offer you exciting potential for your life. The bank was established in 1999 after acquiring the the Colombo Branch of Overseas Trust Bank Ltd - another institution within the country. The bank is often referred to by its abbreviated name, NTB. Operating in the Financial Services industry, the bank is a Public Limited Company, traded on the Colombo Stock Exchange (CSE).

Since its inception just prior to the Millennium, the bank has undertaken a number of acquisitions including branches and components of Deutsche Bank, Standard Chartered, and American Express, in addition to a merger with Mercantile Leasing Company in 2006. This growth and the procurement that has accompanied it, point to an institution on the rise, with an appetite for expansion in the market.

A number of interesting individuals form the top management layer in the senior Nations Trust Bank careers in the institution. Among these are Chairman, Krishan Balendra; Director, A.K. Gunaratne; CEO/Director, Renuka Fernando, and finally, Executive Director, Sarath Piyaratna. This group comprises the highest tier of management in the Sri Lankan bank, providing decision making and strategic direction to the firm.

With the major shareholders Central Finance Company PLC and John Keells Holdings, NTB is able to benefit from economies of scale in the form of experience of two of Sri Lanka’s most prominent operators in their respective sectors. The latter, John Keells Holding, is a vast conglomerate operating in a number of categories, with almost 20,000 employees. In turn, this provides Nations Trust with an excellent pool of both financial and experience-based resources to pull from in the quest for long-run growth in Sri Lanka.

With headquarters in Colombo, the capital city, Nations Trust Bank vacancies in Sri Lanka are perfectly located to attract the top talent. It also means that the company can benefit from other major financial and governmental institutions that are based in the city.

What kind of industry does the Nations Trust Bank operate in?

The banking industry is frequently cited as one of the cornerstones of 21st century society, both in Sri Lanka and the world as a whole. One need only look to the financial crisis of 2008 for reference of the influence that issues within the industry can have on wider business and society. The industry has many vast players who operate across the world, focused on the financial hubs of London, New York, and Shanghai. However, banks exist not only to serve these markets, but also on a more local, commercial level.

The growth of banking institutions in Sri Lanka, and many other emerging economies is a sign of the heightened financial power both of people and businesses in these regions. In much of the world, governments play a large role directly in the banking industry, or as major regulatory bodies, responsible for keeping the institutions in line.The growth both of the industry and the bank signifies that Nations Trust Bank vacancies provide an excellent opportunity for career growth.

Nations Trust Bank: products and services

NTB is responsible for offering banking and related financial services. Within this there are a number of activities that it undertakes both in the commercial and corporate markets, meaning that Nations Trust Bank jobs cater to a wide range Sri Lanka’s banking industry.

With 90 branches and 125 ATMs across the country, NTB is a truly national company, serving the whole of the Sri Lankan banking market. The company is forward-thinking thinking, with a large focus on serving the growing number of young, technology savvy consumers in the market. Accordingly, NTB online has become a useful resource both for the bank and its customers, in addition to the other digital and internet banking services it is now offering including SMS banking and a NTB service for mobile.

The bank aims to be customer-service centric, by which they mean their focus lies on serving the needs of their customers as best they can. This includes offering extended opening hours to cater to the increasingly dynamic lifestyles of Sri Lankan consumers, and diversifies their offering relative to many other banks in the country who only offer traditional hours.

NTB offers many commercial banking products and services. Primary amongst these is the account facility for people to deposit money in. Supplementary to this, the bank offers a range of electronic cards including debit and credit cards, to pay for items without hard money. Their acquisition of the American Express Bank in Colombo means they are able to offer American Express card (Amex) facilities to customers as well. Nations Trust Bank also offers loans, whereby customers and businesses can borrow money to be paid back at a later date.

Why pursue a career with NTB in Sri Lanka?

With the vision to help people and businesses maximise their potential in both the short, and longer term, Nations Trust Bank jobs involve smart working to become the most well-respected financial service provider in Sri Lanka. If you think this dynamic, forward thinking attitude suits you, apply today and kickstart your career with NTB.

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