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Job vacancies in Chevmax Oil and Gas Drilling, Inc.

Chevmax Oil and Gas LP (NYSE: ARCX) logistics assets are strategically located along the East Coast, West Coast, Gulf Coast, and Midwest regions of the United States to receive and supply a diverse group of third-party customers, including major oil and gas companies, independent refiners, crude oil and petroleum product marketers, distributors and various industrial manufacturers. The location of our assets, combined with our connectivity to major U.S. energy infrastructure, allows us to meet the evolving needs of our customers.

We provide customers with storage alternatives to handle a wide array of products including gasoline, distillates, aviation gas, asphalt, fuel oil, crude oil, ethanol, bio-diesel, methanol and crude tall oil. Many of our facilities manage multiple products and offer additional capacity to support the changing needs of our customers. Our customer-focused business model, combined with a diverse asset base, provides us with the opportunity to attract new customers and expand services to our existing customers. Below are the current and available positions where candidates are needed,

1) Petroleum Engineering

2) Drilling Services

3) Civil Engineering

4) Computer Engineering, Company Chef.

5) Architect Engineering

6) Marine Engineering

7) Mechanical Engineering

8) Electrical Engineering/Offshore Maintenance Supervisor/Senior Pipelines CAD Designer

9) Electronics-Telecommunication Engineering

10) Surveying Engineer,Risk Manager


12) financial experts

13) Project Managers/Solutions Consultant

14) Site Engineers/Facilities / Maintenance / Fabrication Manager

15) Managers/Information Technology

16) Accountants/Field Service representative / Escape Systems Crew Chief / Safety Trainer

17) Test Automation Developer/HSSE Advisor, Auditor, Coach, Client Rep

18) HR Personnel/Construction manager

19) Document controllers,Financial controller

20) Logistic/warehousing/ Instrumentation and Control Technician


23) HSE/Contracts Engineer/Associate Tutor

24)Security Manager/Survey & Assistant

25) Project Controls, Cost, Contract, Commercial, Construction, Legal

26)Medicaid Support Planner/Operations Superintendent/Construction Manager / Superintendent,Public Relation Officer,General Manager,GCC Sales Manager,Sr.SMC System Support Engineer,Customer Support Manager, Mechanical Engineer Retrofit,Dry Gas Seal - Sales Manager,Sales & Service Engineer, Field Service Engineer,Sales Co-coordinator,Expeditor,Clerk / Typist,Driver,Store Keeper. Administrator Manager, Account Department Computer Operators,Computer Engineer, Medical Attendant, Security Manager ,Sale Executive,Deputy Manager, Store Keeper,Front Office,Supervisor,Receptionist,Cleaner,Drivers,Chefs


Job Key Skills

1. Reading and writing

2. Listening and Speaking

3. Computer skills

4. Management experience

5. Commercial skills

6. Decision-Making, Organization, Integrity and Multi-Tasking




[1]Generally your education must be MINIMUM OF secondary education.

[2]Must be reliable and trustworthy.

[3]Must be law-abiding and adhere strictly to the Rules and Regulations


Interested Candidates should apply through our website:


Good luck! as you take steps to the right path in building your career.


James G. Miller

Hiring Manager

Chevmax Oil and Gas Drilling, Inc.


13501 Galleria Circle Suite 350,

Wichita Falls, TX 76301

United States of America

Email: [email protected]


Tel: Phone (+1) 940-618-4977 (+1) 940-602-4009

Quick facts

Chemicals / Petro-chemicals


Galleria Circle Suite 350 13501
United States
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