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About us

Hardly two years ago, “live for the day” was my motto. I did not care about my health or my appearance. Eating and drinking as I please with no exercise was part of the day-to-day routine until something drastic happened. A close family member’s demise made me realize that I was heading towards imminent disaster at a young age, and fast approaching a time when all the damage I was doing would be irreversible. I had to change!

That’s when I began to look into living healthy and eating healthy. I singled out a gym that would show me a scientific approach to effectively trimming my generous girth. Within two years I lost over 40 kg and became a new and confident person. But along the way I had to face many obstacles on what to eat, what times to eat and which exercises to choose. Losing weight and becoming healthy is not an easy task, as it needs an enormous amount of self motivation combined with considerable changes to your lifestyle. My eating habits had to be revolutionary to compliment my work- outs. Apart from home, I could not zero in on even one outlet that would give me a proper healthy meal.

I began my research. What should I eat in a day to balance my lifestyle and give me the optimum mix of carbohydrates, proteins and vegetables? Home became my laboratory and slowly but surely with the support of my wife, our menu evolved into a healthy and wholesome spread.

Well, do I keep this to myself or do I share it with the world? What better place than home. And home is Colombo. That’s how Calorie Counter came to be. So, here we are with our nation’s first authentic health food restaurant where you can count the calories that you have in one serving, and to choose the mix of what you ingest within the day. Order across the counter or call in, to either sit around and have your meal, or to take it home. It’s your choice, and a good one… to eat, live and stay healthy.

Together with Calorie Counter, I look forward to sharing my learnings in helping you become a healthier individual.

Quick facts

Food / Beverage Production
Company type
Employer (Private Sector)


No. 61, Thimbirigasyaya Road
Colombo 5
Sri Lanka
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