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“The dynamic Blue Ocean Group of Companies, has evolved over the years to become a versatile conglomerate, and adopts an inspired namesake from the “Blue Ocean Strategy”; one that describes growth and profit. With a diverse portfolio to its name that includes its flagship brand Blue Ocean, the Group takes bold strides as it strives to uphold a reputation of ethical, innovative and constructive practices not only in Sri Lanka but in the Asia Pacific regions”.

The core business philosophy behind the Company is the “Blue Ocean Strategy”, which generally refers to “the creation by a company of a new, uncontested market space that makes competitors irrelevant and that creates new consumer value, often while decreasing costs.” In other words, creating and taking a completely new concept to the market, by lowering costs, thereby delivering an affordable product to existing and new customers, while eliminating competition.

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Who are the Blue Ocean Group of Companies?

The Blue Ocean Group of Companies is one of the largest in Sri Lanka and has the vision to be seen as representing the epitome of conglomerate success and respectability in the South-east Asia region. The Group management team is headed by Mr S. Thumilan (Group Chairman), Mrs T. Suranee (Director), and Mr Pathmatikala (Group CEO). Typified by a long-term focus, they aim to supply this through the provision of professional services of the highest quality. This is matched by a recognition that the pursuit of profitability and sustainable success must go hand in hand with a sound ethical and social underpinning. The Group’s name typifies the ever-innovative approach they look to take, constantly expanding into ‘blue oceans’ through challenging industry paradigms and redefining corporate value.

How do they operate?

Having engaged in conglomerate diversification, the Blue Ocean Group represents a highly diversified organisation operating in a variety of industries. Real estate, construction and engineering, household and garments, education and advisory, represent the main ventures of the group and illustrate how it has spread its risk whilst developing its range of corporate capabilities in these different fields. This umbrella approach allows the Group to offer clients a reliable and highly personalised service with a quality guarantee, with this ubiquity providing superior customer value both domestically and abroad. Operating as a Board of Investment approved company, Blue Ocean Group of Companies careers represent validated, reliable employment opportunities. The Group’s presence in the rapidly growing Sri Lankan marketplace, the success of its activities are supported by the pro-business outlook of the domestic Government, which in turn has driven the real estate market to the extensive benefit of the Blue Ocean Group of Companies jobs. With headquarters in Colombo the Blue Ocean Group also operates across Asia Pacific, East Asia, Middle East and also Europe, as a truly international conglomerate. There are currently Blue Ocean Group of Companies vacancies in Homagama, Ratnapura, Colombo and Dehiwala-Mount Lavinia and other areas across Sri Lanka.

What are Blue Ocean Group of Companies jobs like?

The group is renowned for its highly qualified human capital and sees its employees as providing a key organisation capability. The Group looks to employ professionals with experience both domestically and abroad to provide extensive customer value. Entrepreneurial spirit and dynamism pervade the workforce. Both recruitment and retainment of the right employees are integral to the organisational values of the Group and sees the quality of these employees as the groundwork for high quality of their products and services in the marketplace. The organisation has a stringent equality outlook, priding itself on its diverse workforce and fair hiring policies, also extending these expectations to its workforce, customers and suppliers. Additionally, the Group make a fundamental commitment to upholding vigorous corporate social responsibility principles, leading the way in the future for the ‘green’ marketplace.

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